DIY Snow

Hey friends! We don't get a lot of snow here in Florida, so we made our own!

It's super simple and makes for so much fun.  You will need baking soda, a spray bottle of water, and a container.  

First, pour some baking soda into your container.  I didn't measure it-- just eyeballed the amount that seemed good.  You can always add more.  Next, spray the baking soda with your water and mix it together.  Keep spraying water until it feels like a snowy consistency, and you're done!

I added in some little confetti snowflakes for some extra sparkle but you could add in whatever else you want.  We also had some little mini christmas tree and doll figurines which were fun to play with in the snow.  I've even added dry beans for more sensory textures. Spoons, cups, and little containers are also great to have on hand while playing with this snow.

Since I first made this, Hazel has asked me almost every day to play with snow! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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